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Fluid and combustion measuring devices

Koncerto (Integrated laser measurement software)

Koncerto is an integrated PIV software program that is combined with high-level system control performance and advanced analysis capabilities.

PIV (Visualization image velocimetry measurement system)

Introducing a series products for PIV (Visualization image velocimetry measurement system).

LIF (Laser-induced fluorescence analysis system)

PLIF (Laser-induced fluorescence analysis system) uses a single-wavelength light source such as a laser. It is a technology for exciting specific molecules contained in the measurement target and observing the fluorescence from the molecules.

Optical instruments for visualization laser measurement (Sheet optics, probes, etc)

Introducing optical instruments for visualization laser measurement.


Introducing a series products for microfluidics and microimaging.

Micro PIV

Breaker plates, screws, and nozzles that are attached with plastic can be easily cleaned without causing smoke or waste.

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