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“HYPOX” – a polymer removal system

HYPOX is a polymer removal system developed by MOVEngineering, Italy that can be used for all types of parts, with about 400 units sold globally. It is a safe, easy-to-operate, chemical-free cleaning system that utilizes the hydrolysis, pyrolysis, and oxidation of resins for the automatic removal of polymers adhered to , spinning nozzles (for fiber manufacturing), filters, gear pumps, and extruder screws and molds. It can also be used to remove materials that are difficult to remove using conventional cleaning methods, such as carbons, oligomers, and gels without damaging any parts.
Because the system works for the removal of carbons, oligomers and gels without damaging parts, it excels in the cleaning of delicate parts, such as sintered metallic filters. In addition, because it is capable of relatively low-temperature processing, it does not degrade the quality of commonly-used heat-sensitive materials, such as metal matrix and surface finishing materials.

Key features

  • HYPOX is installed indoors. It can remove polymers without staining the room.
  • HYPOX does not cause the carbonization of resins.
  • HYPOX does not discharge solids or fumes into the room.
    (Whlie negligible amount of resolved-components-mixed effluent may be generated, there is an optional feature for its eliminatation.)
  • HYPOX is chemical-free.
  • HYPOX’s running costs are lower compared to the costs for conventional methods.
  • HYPOX is completely automatic and does not require any manual operation after loading.
  • HYPOX can be installed inline with production equipment. Candle filters don't have to be removed for cleaning from Continuous Polymer Filter(CPF) unit.


Cleaning process

  • The automatic cleaning process, which combines hydrolysis (removal of resins, gels, and oligomers with steam in an oxygen-free atmosphere) and oxidation (removal of carbons with heated air) normally takes 8-15 hours to remove resins.

Target resins

PET, PA6, PA66, PC, PP, PE, PBT, PU, ABS, COP, COC, cellulose, etc. These resins are examples of successful treatments from the past; cleaning tests with other resins can be performed.

Testing facility

A testing facility in Iwakuni-city, Yamaguchi prefecture, Japan is currently being established.

Application examples
Various types of units are offered for objects of various sizes ranging from several tens of centimeters to several meters.
※Ideal for the gentle cleaning of delicate products.
1 For spin-pack components, parts, spinnerets, and spinning nozzles
2 For gear pumps and molds
3 For filter-housing components and sintered metallic filters
4 For film and non-woven fabric dies
5 For extruder screws, heads, and breaker plates
6 For heat exchangers and static mixers

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