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Waterproof coating liquid HPW-5185


  • Waterproof coating for smart phones and tablets
  • Waterproof coating for digital cameras
  • Waterproof coating for automotive parts and home appliances
  • Waterproof coating for smart meters


  • Eco-friendly due to its one-component type (Water+acrylic base) (No hardener)
  • Thermosetting instead of UV curing to reduce implementation costs
  • Excellent waterproofing properties due to cross linking of dual activated cells and the polymer, accompanied by evaporation of moisture
  • Excellent alkali resistance and acid resistance
  • Passed all IPA resistance, exposure, and salt spray tests
  • Excellent heat resistance (250℃)
  • Cross linking with organic and inorganic agents
  • Shelf Life 1 year


Hardness : F  
Acid resistance : 20%H2SO4x200h No Change
Alkali-resistance : 45%NaOHx1500h No Change
Solvent resistance : IPA 200times No Change
Exposure test : 1000h No Change
Exposure test : 5000h Color : 2dE MAX
Gloss : 90%
Salt spray test 200h以上

Drying conditions

  1. Evaporation at room temperature (at 25 ℃)
    Finger Dry: 60 minutes; Full hardening: 24 hours
  2. When dry
    120℃ 5minutes、130℃ 4minutes、150℃ 2minutes


If oil or flux is applied to the surface after implementation, it cannot be coated, and a cleaning process may be necessary. Please contact us for details.


Exposure test for 3 yearsImmersion test (20% HCL)