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Zero-VOC Aqueous 1 component anti-corrosive coating SSC-571


  • Bridges, tanks,and other facilities in areas with salt pollution


  • 100% inorganic (silica) water-based paint; no organic resin
  • Zero-VOC, Environmentally Friendly
  • No solvent needed
  • Reliable, long-term protection due to the inorganic base and molecular optimization
  • Only 2 primer coatings (150 um) are required (No top coating, reducing construction costs)
  • *In cases where a color is designated, a top coating (SSC-8263/inorganic coating material) is required.
  • Hardness: 6 H
  • Heat resistance:400 ℃ or higher
  • Salt spray test: Passed 6000 hours (ASTM B117)
  • Exposure:More than 15 years No oxidative discoloration


Hardness conditions Finger Dry: 15 minutes; Full hardening: 2 hours (at 23 ℃)
Surface treatment Sa2.5
Coating method Spray
Primer (1) 75um or greater
Primer (2) 75um ; Total thickness:150um

※Top coat is not required if color is not designated. (Gray color)

Example of construction

Example of construction
Example of construction