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DATATRACE (temperature data loggers)

Key functions

Heat-resistance of the body (140 ℃)

The data loggers can measure the atmospheric temperature/pressure/humidity inside equipment and facilities during retort/autoclave , fryer, and dry-heat sterilization.

Compact and light (18 mmφx 20 mm,17 g)

They are easy to attach to equipment and enable precise measurement of the temperature/pressure/humidity.

Cordless type

Micropack’s cordless feature helps prevent accidents, such as disconnection of the sensor from the equipment, even during a mobile process and, consequently, reduces time and manpower requirements.

Users can exchange batteries by themselves

Battery life is approx. 3 months.

A lineup of a wide range of sensors.

A wide range of sensors allows the measurement of different processes and for different uses.

When integrated with heat-resistant containers, the data logger can measure up to 400 ℃.

A wide range of fixtures

The use of fixtures makes it easier to attach the sensor to products and equipment. We can also design and provide new fixtures.

Various types of loggers, such as temperature data loggers, pressure data loggers, and relative humidity data loggers, are available for various uses. Datatrace products have been employed by more than 1,000 companies for the past 20 years, and are the No.1 selling data loggers in Japan.


Temperature/Pressure/Humidity sensor – Micropack III

Fixed sensor Flexible
High temperature micro
Pressure Micropack
Humidity Micropack
Dimensions 18mm∅×200mmL 18mm∅×47mmL 18mm∅×66mmL
Weight 17g 42g 48g
Material SUS316
Sensor Thermistor/PT2000 PT2000 Strain gauge Capacitance-
Sensor diameter 3.2mm∅×1.5mm∅ 3.2mm∅×1.5mm∅ 3.2mm∅
Sensor length 25.4mm〜127mm 25.4mm/51mm 40mm
Cable length 152mm〜305mm 203mm〜305mm
Battery Lithium (Exchanged by users)
Battery lifetime Average of 3 months
Memory capacity 16,000Memory 8,000
(Temperature data)
(Pressure data)
(Humidity data)
(Temperature data)
Measurement interval 1 second – 18 hours
Measurement range -20℃〜140℃ -20℃〜400℃ 0〜980KPa(10〜140℃) 0〜100%(10〜85℃)
Precision ±0.2℃ ±0.3℃
±4KPa ±2%RH(at the time of EOG use :±5% RH)
Contact pressure 980KPa  
Data transmission infrared ray

PC Interface System

System software and a USB cable included.

Interface module 40 mm (H) x 70 mm (W) x 110 mm (L)
Connection cable Original USB cable
System software
  • Temperature/Time charting functions
  • Temperature/Time graph functions
  • Data analysis functions, such as the calculation of F values
Operating environment The Japanese version of Windows XP or newer

Windows-embedded PCs


Beverage industry

  • Measurement of product temperature and atmospheric temperature in retort sterilizers (F values) during canned coffee/tea sterilization
  • Measurement of the product temperature and atmospheric temperature in pasteurizers (holding time) for fruit-juice containing canned/bottled/plastic-bottled beverages
  • Measurement of the refrigerant temperature for fruit juices
  • Measurement of the cooling temperature after hotpacking

Beer industry

  • Measurement of the fermentation temperature and rinse temperature inside fermentation tanks
  • Monitoring of the shipping temperature for beer

Retort food industry

  • Retort pouch curry
  • Measurement of the atmospheric temperature (F values) in retort sterilizers for processed rice, etc.

Processed food industry

  • Measurement of the product temperature and atmospheric temperature in retort sterilizers (F values) for canned processed foods
  • Measurement of the thawing temperature of frozen raw ingredients

Dairy industry

  • Measurement of the product temperature and atmospheric temperature in steam retorts (holding time/F values) for puddings, jellies, cheeses, etc.
  • Measurement of margarine-ripening temperatures

Rice/Lunch box industry

  • Measurement of the rice-cooking temperature
  • Measurement of the sterilization temperature (F values)
  • Measurement of deli-food sterilization temperatures

Noodle industry

  • Measurement of product/ atmospheric temperatures in retort sterilizers (F values) for noodles
  • Measurement of the heating/cooling temperatures of noodles

Fish-cake (kamaboko) industry

  • Measurement of production,/sterilization/cooling temperatures during fish-cake production

Processed-meat industry

  • Measurement of product/atmospheric temperatures during the smoking and sterilization of hams/sausages/hamburgs

Bakery industry

  • Measurement of atmospheric temperatures in steamers for steamed breads
  • Measurement of product/atmospheric temperatures in ovens for breads and cookies
  • Measurement of refrigerant temperatures in spiral freezers for frozen dough

Pharmaceutical industry

  • Validation of transfusion/ injection solution/contact lenses in autoclaves
  • Validation of the rubber plugs in sterilizers
  • Validation of medical devices and containers during sterilization
  • Validation of the sterilization process for fermenters
  • Validation of the drying process for powders
  • Validation of the inside of drying sterilizers for ampule packages
  • Validation of the inside temperature of chambers
  • Validation of the sterilization process for artificial bones
  • Validation of vacuum freeze dryers for injectable solutions


  • 加熱機、冷却機の温度測定
  • 乾燥工程の温度管理
  • 塗装工程の温度管理


Content-rich software that was developed in Japan and has been improved over the years. In addition to having excellent operability, it provides analysis functions, such as an automatic calculation function for F values, and is ideal for data management.

Screen example

Key features

  • Creates graphs and charts of hourly temperature/pressure/ humidity data
  • Displays the automatic calculation of F values
  • Various analytical functions for the measurement of the highest/lowest temperatures, average temperature, and simulation calculation of F values
  • Users can add comments on the graphs
  • Easy to export measurement data to Excel files
  • Displays remaining sensor battery capacity

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