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Brinell hardness testers

The Potable Brinell Automatic Reading Device made by Foundrax can accurately, quickly, and easily measure the Brinell hardness without relying on visual measurements by skilled workers. It is stored in a dedicated trunk, enabling users to carry it to fit the application.


  • One hundred percent inspection by automatic equipment
  • High precision achieved by diameter calculations from approximately 100 points
  • High durability with almost no failure reports for the main unit
  • Can be combined with load cell inline devices
  • Compact size that can be carried in a trunk

Accuracy can be automatically set to High/Low according to the image quality. Data can be saved on a PC.

Simple operation - just place the camera near the indentation and press the button!!

It is stored in an aluminum trunk and can be carried around.


DisplayBrinell hardness (HB)・diameter (mm)
Indentation positioningManual operation
Indentation measurement range1.2mm~6.0mm
Measurement accuracy0.005mm
Measurement points (Diameter)100 or more
Measurement timeAbout 1s
Admission decision functionDimensional input: High/Low
Storage Box Dimensions530(W)×380(D)×200(H)mm
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