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MVDP (microdiffusion/permeation measuring device)


Fuel cells

  • Gas diffusion layers
  • Catalyst layers
  • Electrolyte membranes
  • Hydrogen selective gas separation membranes

Electronic materials

  • Water vapor barrier films
  • Moisture-permeable waterproof sheets


  • Dry/wet gas diffusivity
  • Water vapor diffusivity
  • Horizontal direction gas diffusivity
  • Vertical direction gas diffusivity
  • Water vapor/gas barrier evaluation
  • Resistance to condensation

Key features

  • Enables the measurement of the non pressured diffusion of highly permeable samples
  • Enables real-time continuous measurement
  • Enables diffusivity measurement under various conditions, including compression pressure and condensation


  • Humidity measurement range: 0〜100%
  • Temperature measurement range: 0〜100℃
  • Differential pressure measurement: -400Pa〜400Pa 
  • Differential pressure control: 0〜200Pa
  • Absolute pressure measurement: 0〜200KPa
  • Humidity control range: 0〜95%
  • Temperature control range: Room temperature +5℃〜90℃
  • Concentration measurement: 0〜100%
  • Flow volume: 0〜200cc/min
  • Sample size: 30×30mm


Diffusion advection is an effect in diffusive multi-component mass transfer that occures when the flux vectors of the Individual components do not add up to zero, When gasses of different humidity flow through the channels divided by the sample without mass balance due to the gradient of concentration.This diffusion process is described in the following "advection-diffusion equation".

During MVDP measurement, wet gas with an arbitrary vapor concentration is supplied to temperature-controlled sample cells on the primary side and secondary side using a bubbler and an MFC, respectively. The samples on the primary side and secondary side are both monitored by differential pressure meters, and the feedback is controlled using a high-precision APC for back pressure regulation (applicable to both equal pressurization and/or additional pressurization). In addition, the humidity is monitored using humidity sensors at the inlet and outlet of the sample on both the primary side and the secondary side.

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