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October 1947 Established in Moji-shi (currently Moji-ku, Kitakyushu-shi) by company officials of the former Mitsubishi Corporation, which was dissolved before the establishment
October 1961 Listed shares on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
January 1974 Established the subsidiary Seika Sangyo GmbH, Germany (Dusseldorf)
April 1981 Shifted to a two-headquarters system (Tokyo Headquarters and Kitakyushu Headquarters)
May 1983 Opened the Taipei Branch in Taiwan (Taipei)
August 1983 Transferred the operations of the Kitakyushu headquarters to the Tokyo headquarters and registered the Kitakyushu headquarters as the head office
November 1983 Established Tsurumi (Europe) GmbH, a joint venture with Tsurumi Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Germany (Dusseldorf)
December 1990 Changed the registered head office from Moji-ku Kitakyushu to Kokurakita-ku Kitakyushu
April 1994 Established the subsidiary Seika Machinery Inc., USA (Los Angeles)
July 2000 Opened the Seoul Branch in Korea (Seoul)
August 2001 Changed registered head office from Kokurakita-ku Kitakyushu to Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
September 2002 Opened Shanghai Office in China (Shanghai)
January 2004 Established the subsidiary SEIKA (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. in China (Shanghai)
April 2005 Acquired 100% ownership of JAPAN DAIYA VALVE Co.,Ltd.
April 2006 Opened an Atlanta Office as a branch of Seika Machinery Inc.USA
August 2008 Established TEN FEET WRIGHT INC.
January 2009 Acquired 100% ownership of Compagnie Europeenne Afrique Asie S.A.S.
April 2009 Established a Branch Office of SEIKA (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. in Shenzhen, China
February 2010 Acquired 100% ownership of TAKEMOTO AND COMPANY Ltd.
February 2011 Opened the Viet Nam Office in Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam
January 2012 Opened the Singapore Branch in Singapore
October 2012 Acquired 100% ownership of HYDREUTES,S.A.U.
December 2012 Established the subsidiary Seika Sangyo (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Thailand (Bangkok)
October 2013 Opened Branch Office in Yokohama
November 2014 Established Tsurumi Pompes Location S.A.S.
February 2015 Acquired 80% ownership of Marine Motors&Pumps N.V.
February 2015 Established the subsidiary Seika YKC Circuit (Thailand)Co., Ltd. in Thailand
April 2015 Opened an San Francisco Office as a branch of Seika Machinery Inc.USA
May 2015 Established Meinan Kyodo Energy
March 2016 Acquired 100% ownership of Shikishimakiki Corporation

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