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Message from President & CEO

We celebrated the company’s 70th anniversary last October and have successfully expanded our horizons as a machinery trading company thanks to everyone’s tremendous support since the company’s founding in 1947.
I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for the support we have received.

In recent years, our business environment has experienced dramatic changes, with less investment in domestic facilities and increasingly more factories moving overseas.To confront these drastic changes, we have proactively taken measures such as engagement in manufacturing and mergers and acquisitions, incorporating an overall strategy of diversifying profits, accelerating global strategies, boosting the group’s corporate value and strategic organization management.

Last April, we established a long-term management vision called “The Seika Group Vision in 10 Years”, to continuously be a corporate group with value that contributes to society, no matter how society may change. The first step in this vision is the “Medium-term Management Plan CS 2020”, of which activities have already begun.

We will consider multiple factors such as human resources, funds, information and time allocation while further examining what we need to do to plan for optimal allocation of management resources for sustained growth.

We will continue to take action and endeavor to be a corporate group that delivers everlasting value to all of our customers and stakeholders. I look forward to your further guidance and encouragement for the Seika group as we continue moving forward.

President and Chief Executive Officer

April 1, 2018

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